TalktoWendys – What are the Rules to Participate in Wendy’s Survey?

TalktoWendys – What are the Rules to Participate in Wendy’s Survey?

As one of the bigger fast food outlet, Wendy’s wants to improve the business. The first step that Wendy’s does is gathering the opinion of the public. Wendy’s wants to know what the people wants. So, Wendy’s creates a customer feedback survey called TalktoWendys. This survey allows the customers to tell their thought about Wendy’s. For instance, they can complain the menu, service, place, or staffs. They are free to share their story when they come to Wendy’s.

Unfortunately, this type of survey does not attract the respondents. For some people, filling out the survey form is useless. They think that Wendy’s will ignore their voice. But you are wrong. Wendy’s will consider every critic and suggestions. It is the aim of launching TalktoWendys. No doubt, Wendy’s wants to be a better restaurant. So, it gauges the feedback from all of Wendy’s customer. Wendy’s coupon is the proof that Wendy’s appreciate your feedback. That is why every participant will get a coupon at the end of Wendy’s customer survey.


Wendy’s hopes that all customers take this online survey. This survey does not take your precious time. It is because you can finish it in a few minutes. If you want to join Wendy’s customer survey, you have to know the rules. Listed below are the rules of taking part in Wendy’s customer feedback survey.

  • Participant of Wendy’s survey.

All customers of Wendy’s can take part in Wendy’s Wants to Know. There is no rule about the minimum age. So, no matter your age, you can share your opinion through Wendy’s survey.

  • The requirements.

The survey only requires a Wendy’s receipt. It is because you must enter some details found on the receipt. For instance, you have to input the date when you visit Wendy’s outlet. Besides, you also need Wendy’s restaurant number. With these details, you can access Wendy’s feedback survey.

  • The questions asked in the survey.

Wendy’s survey comes in the form of the close-ended questionnaire. So, you can finish the survey by clicking on the answers. No wonder the survey only requires a few minutes to complete. But, you also can write your comment. The survey gives a special section to write the opinion. Then, you can use this section to tell your dine in experience in Wendy’s.

  • Wendy’s coupon code.

After finishing Wendy’s customer survey, You will receive a coupon. You can get the special discount for Wendy’s menu. But, you cannot combine Wendy’s coupon with other offers. Moreover, Wendy’s does not allow you to redeem it for cash.