TelltheBell Survey – How to Get $500 Cash or iPad from Taco Bell Survey

TelltheBell Survey – How to Get $500 Cash or iPad from Taco Bell Survey

Do you recently visit Taco Bell Restaurant? Well, it must be good news as you can start to enter TelltheBell Survey Sweepstakes to win $500 cash or iPad. All that you are going to need is a recent Taco Bell receipt that has TelltheBell Survey Code. The process of completing the survey will be less than three minutes. If you are ready, you can visit survey and get the Taco Bell coupon code!

TelltheBell Survey Sweepstakes Guide 2018
TelltheBell Survey

What to Have for TelltheBell Survey Sweepstakes?

  • Internet Connectivity
  • Electronic devices like laptop or mobile phone
  • A Recent Taco Bell Receipt that is valid and has TelltheBell Survey Invitation Code

What are the TelltheBell Survey Sweepstake Rules?

  • TelltheBell Survey participants must be American legal residents
  • The participants must be 18 years old or older
  • All Taco Bell employees are not capable of participating in TelltheBell Sweepstakes
  • You cannot be TelltheBell Sweepstakes Winner twice

Step by Step for Tell the Bell Survey Sweepstakes

  • Step 1

At the beginning, you need to enter TelltheBell Survey official website. You can either type or This website then will direct you to Taco Bell survey page.

  • Step 2

And then, you can start to enter TelltheBell Survey Code. Here, you can check the receipt and find the code. Also, you have to enter Taco Bell store number as well as the date of visit.

  • Step 3

There will be some TelltheBell Survey questions related to the store you visited. They are like the cleanliness of the store, Taco Bell menus you purchased, and so on.

  • Step 4

And, here is the main step of TelltheBell Survey. You have to answer the entire TelltheBell questions at the survey. You must be honest in answering the question as your Taco Bell feedback means a lot to the restaurant.

  • Step 5

If you have answered the whole questions, you will enter TelltheBell Sweepstakes page. Here, you must complete your personal information such as full name, phone number, as well as your active email address.

  • Step 6

At the end of TelltheBell Survey process, you will get a TelltheBell Survey validation code. Yes, you have to save this coupon code as once you become TelltheBell Survey winner; you need to show the code.

Ways to Reach Taco Bell Customer Care Service Center
  • Taco Bell Headquarters Address

If you want to send Taco Bell a letter, you can send it to Taco Bell Office. You may write the address in the form of 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, and 92618 California, USA.

  • Taco Bell Office Phone Number

If you need to talk to Taco Bell, you have to dial +1-949-863-4500.

  • Taco Bell Websites Addresses

And the last, you may visit Taco Bell official websites at,,, and

Myloweslife – The way to Sign in for Myloweslife’s Employee

Myloweslife – The way to Sign in for Myloweslife’s Employee

About Myloweslife Company

Myloweslife company is a human resource company who offers retail home improvement and appliance store in the United States. Although it is not the biggest firm in the USA, this firm is good enough indisputably. Since 1946, Myloweslife has been providing the great performance towards the customers’ services.


Indeed, this company has been trusted as the great breakthrough company among its competitors. Myloweslife’s today becomes large and expands to many countries inside and outside the United States. Amazingly, this company has employed more than 265.000 employees in the world.

About Myloweslife Portal

As the second biggest chain of home improvement and appliance retails, Myloweslife has many branches in the global area. With the result that, this company needs space to get in touch with its many employees. Besides, the company needs to share the information or duties quickly through this space. is the website portal for My Lowes Life’s employee. This account is a un-open site which only the Myloweslife’s employees can reach it.

The Requisites to Sign in Myloweslife

There are some requisites in Myloweslife portal. Importantly, the requisite is important to make you connect with The requisites in My Lowes Life portal are:

  • The first

The first requisite is about the status of visitors. To connect to this portal, the visitors should be a part of My Lowes Life’s company. In the other word, only the real Myloweslife’s employee can access this portal.

  • The second

The next requisite is the key to enter. In this case, the Myloweslife’s visitors must submit the username and password. If they don’t have that keys, they may ask the Human Resource Department. Directly, the HR department will give them the keys.

  • The Third

The last requisite is the engine. Similar to another employee’s portal, the visitors should prepare computer or laptop with an available internet connection.

The ways to sign in Myloweslife

Myloweslife is easy enough portals which provide the information and useful facilities to all Myloweslife’s employees. The ways to sign in Myloweslife Login are:

  • Firstly: In the beginning, the visitors should type in Google, Mozilla, or the other devices.
  • Secondly: Then, the visitors can enter the username and password. Despite putting the username, the visitors can put the visitors’ personal sales number. Even, they have to make sure that they put the correct name, number or password.
  • Thirdly: After that, the visitors may choose which part they are. In this section, the site will show some parts of the job such as a part-time or full-time job. Then, the visitors can look for the information that they need.
Dgcustomerfirst – The Steps to Join in Dollar General Survey

Dgcustomerfirst – The Steps to Join in Dollar General Survey

About Dollar General

Dollar General is American big chain market. This store provides the home’s necessities such as food, medicines, family clothing, cleaning supplies, housewares, and so on. Even, its store has expanded into 13000 branches in the USA. It is well-known not only for its product complexities but for its inexpensive price.

About Dgcustomerfirst

The customer’s satisfaction is the most prominent aspect of the market industry. This aspect becomes the reference to proof the market profit and even market future performance. To deal with its aspect, Dollar General even provides the customer’s satisfaction survey. Dgcustomerfirst is the online survey platform which is an official site from Dollar General Company.

Dg Customer First
Dg Customer First

In line with the others customer survey, the survey participants can access the survey via online and answer the following questions based on Dollar General’s performance. As you know, DG’s official offers the great prize to a lucky survey participant. Later, the lucky survey participant can redeem the reward in his/her next shopping.

The sites to access Dgcustomerfirst

The survey participant may access in Then, they can follow some instruction to join in the survey. This site is available in English or Spanish as the language instruction.

The ways to join in Dgcustomerfirst

In no doubt, Dollar General Survey is the easy enough online survey. To join in this survey, the survey participant can follow this instruction:

  • The first:

The first way is the login activity. The survey participant should log in via Then, they may choose the language instruction.

  • The second:

The next way is about to submit the information. In this case, the participant must submit the survey number, store number and the information about the last visit.

  • The third:

This step is the most crucial step as the survey time. As a result, the survey participant must answer some questionnaires about Dollar General in action. For instance, the site will ask about the worker’s services. The survey participant may give the assessment how satisfied they are with the worker’s services.

There are two sections of questionnaire, those are like-scale statements and descriptive questions. In the first section, they can rate from the score one to five. Then, the next section is answering some questions.

  • The fourth:

Finally, this is the last section of the survey. After completing all the questionnaires, the survey participant may send the reviews. Before it, they must leave the personal information such as name, email address and phone number.

  • The fifth:

In this survey, Dollar General Survey provides the reward with cash $1000. The site will send a reward code to the survey participants. Then, they may redeem the code is not more than 30 days of the survey. To redeem the reward, the survey participants can show the code to the cashier in their next shopping.

TalktoWendys – What are the Rules to Participate in Wendy’s Survey?

TalktoWendys – What are the Rules to Participate in Wendy’s Survey?

As one of the bigger fast food outlet, Wendy’s wants to improve the business. The first step that Wendy’s does is gathering the opinion of the public. Wendy’s wants to know what the people wants. So, Wendy’s creates a customer feedback survey called TalktoWendys. This survey allows the customers to tell their thought about Wendy’s. For instance, they can complain the menu, service, place, or staffs. They are free to share their story when they come to Wendy’s.

Unfortunately, this type of survey does not attract the respondents. For some people, filling out the survey form is useless. They think that Wendy’s will ignore their voice. But you are wrong. Wendy’s will consider every critic and suggestions. It is the aim of launching TalktoWendys. No doubt, Wendy’s wants to be a better restaurant. So, it gauges the feedback from all of Wendy’s customer. Wendy’s coupon is the proof that Wendy’s appreciate your feedback. That is why every participant will get a coupon at the end of Wendy’s customer survey.


Wendy’s hopes that all customers take this online survey. This survey does not take your precious time. It is because you can finish it in a few minutes. If you want to join Wendy’s customer survey, you have to know the rules. Listed below are the rules of taking part in Wendy’s customer feedback survey.

  • Participant of Wendy’s survey.

All customers of Wendy’s can take part in Wendy’s Wants to Know. There is no rule about the minimum age. So, no matter your age, you can share your opinion through Wendy’s survey.

  • The requirements.

The survey only requires a Wendy’s receipt. It is because you must enter some details found on the receipt. For instance, you have to input the date when you visit Wendy’s outlet. Besides, you also need Wendy’s restaurant number. With these details, you can access Wendy’s feedback survey.

  • The questions asked in the survey.

Wendy’s survey comes in the form of the close-ended questionnaire. So, you can finish the survey by clicking on the answers. No wonder the survey only requires a few minutes to complete. But, you also can write your comment. The survey gives a special section to write the opinion. Then, you can use this section to tell your dine in experience in Wendy’s.

  • Wendy’s coupon code.

After finishing Wendy’s customer survey, You will receive a coupon. You can get the special discount for Wendy’s menu. But, you cannot combine Wendy’s coupon with other offers. Moreover, Wendy’s does not allow you to redeem it for cash.